Aug27, 2021News

Why are Ireland’s pilots protesting?

More than 300 pilots gathered outside Leinster House in Dublin on Monday morning to protest the Irish government’s air travel restrictions. We spoke to the Vice-President of the Irish Airlines Pilots’ Association (IAPA) to find
Oct28, 2020News

Airlines have begun furloughing thousands

Now that those terms have expired, airlines have begun furloughing thousands of workers and are cutting additional routes — service reductions that are hitting smaller cities especially hard. Talks for additional aid have dragged on
Oct13, 2020News

Adverse Yaw: What Is It and How Do You Prevent it?

Unless they remember their ground school training, new pilots may be surprised at how their aircraft reacts as they engage their ailerons to make a turn. They may be caught wondering why if they were
Sep26, 2020News

United Airlines announced it will offer COVID-19

One day after United Airlines announced it will offer COVID-19 testing for Hawaii-bound passengers departing from San Francisco. Hawaiian Airlines announced it will also provide the service to passengers in the Bay Area and Los
Sep15, 2020News

Challenges in the global aerospace industry

The COVID-19 crisis and ensuing economic downturn has led to significant challenges in the global aerospace industry. Rapid reduction in demand driven by travel restrictions has airlines grappling with how to conduct business. In a
Sep15, 2020News

The biggest concern the aviation industry

Not long ago, the biggest concern the aviation industry had was whether Airbus or Boeing could produce enough aircraft’s to meet demand. After an unprecedented set of events with an industry that seemed to have

Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Technologies

Whilst there are a growing number of technological solutions, it is essential that they are cost effective and conform to global implementation standards in order to benefit the aviation community.​ IATA provides guidance and recommendations on

Settlement with Orders (SwO)

The Settlement with Orders (SwO) program introduces a streamlined and efficient settlement solution based on orders. It builds on the capabilities delivered by NDC and ONE Order which enable the accounting functions using the airlines’ order management systems. Visit

Global Reporting Format – Runway Surface Conditions

Runway excursions remain one of the top challenges to aviation, with serious impacts in terms of safety and cost. A key consideration is to ensure effective braking, particularly when the runway surface conditions have deteriorated.The
Jul22, 2020Uncategorized

Drones for tomorrow’s air cargo

Drones offer new forms of air freight, such as last mile air transport, humanitarian deliveries, disaster relief, transport of temperature sensitive medicine and food, and many more. IATA’s objective is to address the opportunities for
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