The biggest concern the aviation industry

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Not long ago, the biggest concern the aviation industry had was whether Airbus or Boeing could produce enough aircraft’s to meet demand.

After an unprecedented set of events with an industry that seemed to have no bounds, aviation and the aerospace industry has become a perfect failure. Since the global pandemic emerged, we have seen a big amount of fleet shutdowns, layoffs, and order postponements or cancellations.

Amid fear and panic, we must take a deep breath and remember that this industry has survived many major challenges: spikes in oil prices; the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001; and the global financial crisis of 2008-09. Each time, aviation has recovered and strengthened, resuming its trend of improving faster than global economic growth.

Of course, there are lessons to be learned from this crisis, and getting back to normal simply won’t be that easy. Many companies will seek to reduce costs.

For example, numerous planes are being stored due to the lack of people to travel. Former Delta Air Lines executive and now IATA’s head of operational cost management, Chris Markou, said at the Cirium webinar that OEMs have been working with airlines to find efficient ways to service aircraft’s on the ground. Finding ways to keeping them safe and saving man hours. “They are tackling tasks on calendar time and looking for opportunities to combine tasks.”

So as we go through this as an industry together, we must realize that it is not about politics or competitive advantage. It’s about helping our essential industry survive this tragedy.

Let’s remember in the current state of uncertainty, one thing is certain… We will fly again! PartsBase will continue to provide cost-effective technology to support your business and meet your every demand.

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